Sunday, 8 July 2018

"Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA"?

How well did that core vote strategy serve Jeremy Corbyn's enemies last year? Yet they are still at it, because they have nothing else. There are things wrong with Corbyn, but those are not things that they can use.

Hamas is one of the many Frankenstein's monsters of Islamism. It was initially created by Shin Bet in order to provide a rival to Fatah. Yes, yet another Islamist organisation created to destroy secular nationalism. From Britain and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, to America and what became the Taliban in Afghanistan, how has that ever worked out? Yet we are still at it, notably in Syria. 

And Hamas are a bad lot. But they have never attacked Britain. For that, you need the founders of Likud. Hamas is also a client of Qatar, which is a key British ally, at least this side of a Corbyn Government. Qatar, which is not merely supported by the Conservative Party, but which supports it. With cold, hard cash. Just as it supports Hamas. (That party is not short of Russian money, either.)

As Prime Minister, David Cameron was happy to take Hezbollah's hospitality in 2015 in the Beqaa Valley, where nothing moves without its say-so, and where it even provided his bodyguards. But then, it, too, has never attacked Britain, and without it General Aoun would not now be President Aoun. 

Instead, Lebanon would be a Saudi puppet, and Syria would already be the IS fiefdom into which Lebanon would be waiting to be incorporated. Aided and abetted by Israel, which never attacks IS, or vice versa, and to whose IS field hospital in the Golan Heights Priti Patel tried to divert British public funds. 

And the IRA has won. It has won so completely that the British Army is having to beg to be included in an amnesty that the IRA is going to enjoy whether or not there is any such extension of it, and indeed already does enjoy. Under, remember, a Conservative Government. 

Power-sharing in Northern Ireland will have to be restored at some point, not least because no one in London wants to run Northern Ireland, which amounts to saying that no one in London really wants Northern Ireland to be in the United Kingdom. 

And when power-sharing is restored, then it will always be between Sinn Féin and whichever Unionist party was larger, which is going to be the DUP for a long time yet. If they came to be more evenly matched, then power-sharing would always be between Sinn Féin and whichever of the Unionist parties offered it the better deal. 

Meanwhile, if not from the forthcoming Dáil elections then certainly from the next ones, the Taoiseach will be the Leader of whichever of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil offered the better deal to Sinn Féin, the Leader of which will presumably hold the position of Tánaiste in perpetuity.

For all practical purposes, the 32 County Republic of 1916 will then exist, with those who still proclaimed its sovereignty effectively exercising that sovereignty across every inch of Ireland.

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