Thursday, 10 November 2016

Down In The Dust

The withdrawal of Suzanne Evans from Sleaford and North Hykeham rather suggests that Nigel Farage intends to use his apparent closeness to Donald Trump to seek election there.

I commend the Constituency Labour Party for selecting Jim Clarke, a local dustman and GMB activist. The more people like that in Parliament, the better.

But I doubt that even he expects to win.

Theresa May has already lost two MPs on two different issues.

Imagine if she lost one seat, in the most affluent of suburban South West London, to the Lib Dems, and the other, in deepest Lincolnshire, to Nigel Farage, both on the same night.

Although her candidate's defeat by a local dustman and GMB activist would be even better. In either case. But it will only be available in one of them.

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