Thursday, 10 November 2016

An Interesting One

As is my occasional wont, I have decided to post a comment made under a previous comment, in this case anonymously:

It's an interesting one, isn't it?

The areas that swung Brexit, not the ones in the South that would have voted for it anyway, had little or no immigration but had had lots of jobs sent abroad by globalisation, including the EU.

The areas that gave Trump his thumping great win didn't have much in the way of a Latino population: 5.3% in Iowa, 6.2% in Wisconsin, a mere 3.3% in Ohio, 6.1% in Pennsylvania.

But they'd had lots of jobs sent abroad by globalisation, including the Clintons' NAFTA.


  1. A majority of Trump and Leave voters were people affected by mass immigration, (joined by a minority affected by exported jobs). A reaction against the twin forces of globalisation-free trade and mass immigration, (as Pat Buchanan has always said; both are intertwined).

    The key swing-states that Trump captured of North Carolina and Florida are two of the states with the biggest migrant influx and ethnic minority populations in America.

    Trump also captured the key swing-states of Arizona (31% Hispanic) and Michigan (34% Latino and Mexican).

    Over all, white people favoured Mr. Trump by a margin of 58 per cent to 37 per cent.

    The majority of Leave voters in Britain, and the majority of Trump voters in America, were driven by mass immigration. They were joined by a minority of voters (traditionally Democrat or Labour voters) concerned about jobs going overseas.

    As Buchanan has always said, mass immigration and job exports are the twin evils of globalisation.

    The Left regards all concern about immigration as racist and thus the Left is losing here and in America.

    It is losing, as Jon Cruddas recently said, because there is no leftwing movement in the West that stands for civic patriotism.

    1. Oh, I remember Jon Cruddas. A lot of people wouldn't, though. Still, he did at least nominate Jeremy, I think.

      The areas affected in that way by immigration would have voted for Leave or Trump even within the calculations of the Remain and Clinton campaigns, both of which thought that they were going to win overall.

      Those areas didn't swing anything. That was us. On both sides of the Atlantic. We are the people who have to be placated in Britain, as is already apparent. And we are the people who are owed in America, as will very soon become apparent.