Wednesday, 16 November 2016

College Spirit

I may be wrong, but I suggest that even before last week, the Democratic National Committee was already aware of the Electoral College.

As with the Senate, that's why it's called the United States of America. Every state counts.

And as with the Senate, the Democrats have managed to win it in the past.

A political party has several functions, but at least one part of it is specifically charged with winning elections.

One such part is the Democratic National Committee, which is demonstrably unfit for purpose. Away with it.

And away with its ridiculous, contemptible proposal to remove the need to win back Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, by effectively disenfranchising them, as such.

Can anyone name a country of any size that directly elects an executive President by popular vote and using First Past The Post?

That was the only system under which Hillary Clinton would have won.


  1. No David she would have lost badly: the whole DNC strategy was to concentrate on national campaigning, keeping her away from the states and meetings.
    On the other hand Trump put very little energy into campaigning in the biggest population centres where he could have done much better had they not been written off as "Blue states."
    Everyone knew the rules and strategised accordingly- Clinton did remarkably well given the unpopularity of her message (more of the same old same old...) and her, well earned, untrustworthy image.

    1. She won the popular vote. But so what?

  2. We are the swing voters now, so we are the masters now.