Wednesday, 5 October 2016

So Long, And Thanks For All The Kippers?

Diane James won the UKIP Leadership with 8,451 votes.

It is a tiny party, the purpose of which is as a star vehicle for Nigel Farage in order to drag the political debate to the populist Right.

But that is impossible without the star.

In any case, quite a different star has made his rather larger vehicle the populist vanguard these days.

It will not be UKIP that will have been responsible for putting workers' representatives on company boards, or for a crackdown on tax avoidance, or for a cap on energy prices.

That last was derided as Marxism when it was proposed by Ed Miliband. Are we all Marxists now? We are all something, and it has nothing to do with UKIP.

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  1. People are asking what the point of Ukip is post-Brexit even though we are not post-Brexit but there is already no point to Ukip.

    The numbers are quite something, aren't they? 8,451 can win you Leader. There are more Trotskyist activists than that in Britain.