Monday, 3 October 2016

Quite Simply, Indeed

Philip Hammond has just said that the Government had not built enough houses, and that the tax receipts for British innovation ought to be received in Britain.

That was a John McDonnell speech. Not an Ed Balls one. A John McDonnell one.

Yesterday, Theresa May became the first Prime Minister ever to say that the whole of Government policy out to be organised for the benefit of the working class.

When did you last hear any politician even so much as use that term? Never mind take the view that that class should always come first?

No Gramscian Eurocommunism there. The Old School. As phrased, in fact, a bit much for some of us over here. But that is where they now are over there.

Pay disparities to be controlled, workers' reps (in practice, trade union reps) on boards, the Budget surplus target abandoned, a huge housebuilding programme on the way, a crackdown on tax avoidance, a Department of Industrial Strategy, probably even an inquiry into Orgreave.

McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn may as well be in Government already.

Except that they would not be planning a Bill that simply declared all EU law to be that of the United Kingdom, and to remain so even after we had left.

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