Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Never Had It So Good?

That Jeremy Corbyn, eh? What a loony.

Abandonment of the Budget surplus target. Abandonment of the Work Capability Assessment.

Workers' reps on boards. Restrictions on pay differences within companies.

A crackdown on tax avoidance. A ban on tax-avoiding companies from public contracts.

A Department for Industrial Strategy. A huge programme of infrastructure spending in general and of housebuilding in particular. A cap on energy prices.

There is talk of a ban on foreign takeovers.

There is now an inexorable momentum, so to speak, towards an inquiry into Orgreave.

18 months ago, only the Hard Left was saying any of this apart from the cap on energy prices, and Ed Miliband got that from them.

As in the 1950s, the Conservatives are betting on an electorate that is as uninterested in policy as they themselves are.

Obliged to pursue some semblance of a programme once in Government, they intend to pursue, at least domestically, the programme of the party for people who really are very interested indeed in policy.

All the while braying abuse at that party, but never mind.

Internationally, they just intend to do as they are told by the top brass and the spooks.

That worked in the 1950s. But we are not living in the 1950s.

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