Saturday, 1 October 2016

Feel A Little Fresher Every Day

That is higher than in a warzone.

If a woman is more likely to be raped at university than during the Battle of Her Town, then all universities ought to be closed down and abolished.

But where would that leave "a Women's Officer at the NUS"? 

If students had not been at this consent class out of which they walked, then what would they have been doing instead?

But never mind. The real Left is back now.

Jeremy Corbyn did not cause, but his rise does most strikingly exemplify, the return to economic and geopolitical considerations in a world defined, not by rising affluence and by the end of the Cold War, but by the Crash and by the consequences of gung-ho military adventurism. 

This will have important cross-curricular implications, at least in the humanities, and not least in the humanities. 

For example, expect to see far more of a take-up of the long-neglected A-level English paper on Marxism (which gives the wrong answers, but which asks the right questions), instead of the currently ubiquitous paper on feminism.

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