Tuesday, 11 October 2016


A no fly zone over Aleppo would be a war with Russia. It would entail shooting down Russian planes.

Those are there at the request of the Syrian Government, in order to participate in the fight against IS.

While staying the hell out, we ought, if anything, to be cheering them on.

I am not aware that Boris Johnson has called for any demonstrations outside the Saudi Embassy. Nor should he.

They should be held. They are being held. But they ought not to be called by the Foreign Secretary.

We certainly arm the Saudis in Yemen, and there is mounting evidence that we are in the control room.

That is indeed a matter for the Foreign Secretary. What is he doing about it?


  1. You should be Shadow Foreign Secretary, if it hadn't been for a no mark who sank without trace you would have been.

  2. As far as I know, government-backed demonstrations are the preserve of authoritarian regimes, such as China. Johnson really is a fool. Theresa May promoted him in order to fail: I can't think of any other reason.