Saturday, 1 October 2016

Capability Assessment

And so, the Work Capability Assessment limps into oblivion.

There will be no more platform speeches to the Labour Party Conference by the egregious Yvette Cooper, who could not hold office under Theresa May.

18 months ago, almost the only reliable Commons votes against the WCA belonged to Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.

But now, an approach that can only lead to its abolition is the active policy of a Conservative majority government.

Mrs May is also working towards the regulation of pay disparities, and towards elected trade union representation on the boards of private companies.

After all, who else is going to organise these workers' representatives, who did not exist even in the Britain of the 1970s? Where there are currently no unions, then Unite and the GMB, in particular, will move in at great speed.

Grammar schools will not really happen very much, if at all, and they would take at least two Parliaments to have any effect on anything. They would take at least a generation to have the effects attributed to them by their proponents.

On Brexit, the Government's position is softer than the Leader of the Opposition's. The Right could not even get a candidate onto the ballot paper for Leader of the Conservative Party.

But beyond that, key aspects of the programme that used to be peculiar to the Labour Hard Left, despite being normal and uncontroversial in every other advanced country except one, are being implemented by "the Tories".

According to the Today programme, this is "moving into the centre ground against an increasingly left-wing Labour Party".

But we can all see where the centre ground now is.

And we can all who has defined it.


  1. Union reps on boards didn't even exist in nationalised industries in the 70s. There were no rail union reps on the British Railways Board. Neither Arthur Scargill nor Mick McGahey was a member of the National Coal Board. But this is going to be imposed on private companies by the Tories. All because Jeremy Corbyn is there at all. These are the glory days, David.