Tuesday, 11 October 2016


The overwork of advancing middle age, and the withdrawal of public transport provision for the disabled (among other people) by a Labour council that is a disgrace to both words, have conspired to ensure that, having missed Peter Hitchens in Durham last night, I am also going to miss Owen Jones in Durham tonight.

And, indeed, George Monbiot in Durham tomorrow night.


Hitchens, however, was appearing at the dear old Durham Union Society, where James Bloodworth and I once shared a platform with the Editor of the Socialist Worker. I am just putting that out there, as the young people say.

I do hope that the Teaching Assistants are there tonight, which, like tomorrow, is not at all a university event.

I am missing their rally with Dave Prentis at the Miners' Hall on Thursday, but for a much happier reason. And they are on the front page of today's Guardian. A luta continua.

As it does to get one of the two films of the decade so far, George Galloway's The Killing$ of Tony Blair, shown here in the North Eastern setting of the other one, Ken Loach's I, Daniel Blake.

As I said, the overwork of advancing middle age.


  1. The loss of the buses is seriously blighting your life, isn't it? But if I were you I'd go to the TAs' rally rather than, presumably, the 50th anniversary bash at St. Bede's on Thursday. You've got that network even more sewn up already.

    1. Much as I love the TAs, all I'd get at their do would be a cup of tea and a biscuit.