Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A New Centre Ground, Indeed

That was by far the most left-wing speech that I have ever heard any Prime Minister deliver. And all because Jeremy Corbyn exists.

"The party of the workers, the party of public servants, the party of the NHS"?

Not just "the workers", either. How many times did Theresa May use the term "working-class"?

Her analysis of why people voted for Brexit was precisely that of Corbyn in his message to her on becoming Prime Minister.

She waxed lyrical about the NHS, in the way that Gordon Brown used to do. But in decrying Tony Blair's privatisation of England's NHS, she agreed with Corbyn all along.

"Tax is the price we pay to live in a civilised society," she opined. Compare the reaction to that with the reaction when Corbyn or John McDonnell says exactly the same thing.

On rural broadband, on energy tariffs, and on housebuilding, she is more left-wing than 172 Labour MPs.

Britain did not have workers' reps on company boards even in the 1970s. That means union reps, of course. Who else is it going to be?

And grammar schools "where parents want them, and where they'd improve standards." So, nowhere that anyone got up a petition against them, then.

There was no ban on new grammar schools during most of the long period when no one tried to set one up.