Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Maybe This Time?

I hope that appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States will not prevent Merrick Garland from continuing to tour as Liza Minnelli.

There is never going to be another WASP on the US Supreme Court, is there? I mean that purely objectively. 


  1. Garland ruled against voting rights for the District of Columbia. 32 Republican Senators had voted to confirm his present job. The word for this is "centrist" apparently.

  2. The Guardian triumphantly proclaims (you read it there first):

    ""the shift from Scalia to Garland, were the latter confirmed, would undoubtedly move the top court sharply to the left by overturning the five-to-four, conservative-to-progressive balance that has held for years.

    That change could have vast ramifications for the landscape of American law, from the future of abortion rights and gun laws, to civil rights and the injection of money into elections.""

    If the Republicans have anything left in the tank, they must fight this to the death.

    1. They are too busy fighting each other.

      He'll be confirmed. Of course he will. He is not very good, especially on race. But that is something else.