Saturday, 5 March 2016

Here's The Rub

The Police are closing in on Simon Danczuk.

Jeremy Corbyn has been the Leader of the Labour Party for a few days short of six months. So it cannot be very long at all since Danczuk was being talked up as a challenger for the position.

Yet look at him now.

Dan Jarvis, take note.

At the very least, pass on to the Labour Party what was, for a backbencher, that unseemly donation. Or they will make you regret it.

In fact, give a third of it to Momentum, if you have any sense. If another third therefore went to Progress, then so be it.

By your own choice, you were banned from any political activity whatever throughout your adult life, until weeks before you entered Parliament. 

Whereas they have been full-time political activists since you were still in school, or in some cases since before you were born.

As has Simon Danczuk.

Yet look at him now.

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  1. "If you get a big donation, you split it between the party, the left and the right, or you take the consequences." Yep. Most people wouldn't say so out loud. But you are not most people.