Friday, 11 March 2016

Fuck The Labour Party

That is my message on this hundredth anniversary of the birth of Harold Wilson.

For six years, I have been loyal to a party that has treated me worse than anyone else of whom I have ever heard. And it has been pretty bad to a lot of people I know.

I still want a Government led by Jeremy Corbyn. I still support the very balanced ticket of him and Tom Watson. 

I still welcome the inclusion of world class economists in British political debate for the first time in 35 years. 

I still rejoice that the hegemony of neoconservative foreign policy has been broken.

I still delight that whatever comes after the EU referendum will have to take at least some account of the left-wing critique of the EU, a critique that had previously been ignored for a generation.

But Jess "No Chance of Winning" Phillips, who tastefully deflected criticism of her treachery by reading out a list of murdered women?

Desperate Dan, the Poundland Pinochet, with his hedge funds and who knows what other backing, financial and otherwise?

The Honourable The Honourable Stephen Kinnock, who makes Hilary Benn look like a parvenu in the dynastic entitlement stakes?

Rachel Reeves, who, like the Iain Duncan Smith whom she longs to be, ought to be given a disability, so that she can be made to know what it feels like?

Some Daesh apologist who thinks that he is a Trotskyist but who seems never to have read any of the books, which is probably why he thinks that he is a Trotskyist?

You can keep them.

And that last, even if he is now out again, was let in by the same Compliance Unit of extremely young, extremely posh and extremely thick persons that has banned me for life from the Labour Party, with no right of appeal.

This afternoon, only 18 Labour MPs even turned up for the NHS Reinstatement Bill that could not have been some pointless gesture, or it would not have been filibustered.

Sadiq Khan was not one of those 18. So, if you are in London, then vote for George Galloway. Just for that, if for nothing else.

There. That will do, as a start.

The Labour Party, as such, can fuck right off.

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