Thursday, 17 March 2016

A Spoonful of Sugar

In principle, the Labour front bench supports the Sugar Tax.

But how hard could it be to find something wrong in the detail, such as would provide a good enough excuse to vote against it?

And thus, after certain victory on the Tampon Tax and very likely victory on the disability cuts, to bring down George Osborne.

That threat in itself might bring some potential rebels into line.

But Osborne's strongly pro-EU passage in his Budget Speech means that the hardcore Outers (of whom there are not very many, but there are enough for this purpose) hate his guts.

And opposing the Sugar Tax would be vintage Boris Johnson populism.

Victory on the Tampon Tax, assured, if there is a vote. Victory on the disability cuts, growing more likely by the hour.

And an Osborne-ending third victory, on the Sugar Tax, perfectly possible.

If Labour plays the game.

The game that you have to play. If you want to win it.

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