Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A Seismic Political Event

This letter appears in today's Morning Star:

John Wight  repeats the assertion made by Colin Fox in your paper that if we vote for Britain to leave the EU on 23 June, then "the right, not the left, will benefit." 

Let us examine this claim, since it is certainly true that a vote for Britain to remain in the EU will massively enhance Cameron's credibility and accelerate Tory attacks on our class. 

In the event of a majority vote for Brexit one immediate result will be that David Cameron will be forced to resign as Tory party leader and probably as prime minister. 

A Tory leadership election would presage a split between rival wings of the Tory party and a general election would ensue possibly as soon as autumn 2016. 

Despite the abject failure of Labour to oppose Cameron's failed 'EU deal' to keep Britain in the EU (and indeed Labour's craven policy of supporting Britain's EU membership under any circumstances), the most likely beneficiary of a general election held during a Tory civil war would be a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour government. UKIP will likely splinter as some factions seek to reunite with their Tory mothership. 

A vote for Brexit will be a seismic political event that can destabilise the right-wing dominance of British politics for years to come. 

Brexit provides the opportunity for the left to regain elected office on a manifesto of creating jobs, stopping NHS privatisation, and reversing Tory austerity policies free of EU laws that ban public monopolies, prohibit state aid and enshrine austerity.

What is the reason for John and Colin's pessimism, indeed fatalism? I suspect it is because they know they are on the wrong side in this argument.

If we want to see the back of this rotten Tory government's attacks on trade unions and public housing, we have a weapon to hand, ironically courtesy of David Cameron. 

Anyone who wants to see an early end to his Bullingdon bullies should be doing everything they can to maximise a vote for Brexit.

Alex Gordon

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