Saturday, 16 October 2021

Under The Counter

His support for other people's pro-hanging amendments so long ago that such things were still being tabled can be forgiven as only a sign of how long he had been in Parliament.

Still, he did support them. And unlike many opponents of hunting, Sir David Amess did not want to ban halal slaughter. 

All in all, then, there is no apparent reason why an Islamist would have wanted to have murdered him. The owner of a drug-addled brain, on the other hand.

If this man was known to Counterterrorism Police and to the Prevent programme, then how did he get an appointment with Sir David, since it was that sort of surgery?

And what is all this about "hate speech on social media"? He was either a terrorist, or he was someone who had got worked up on the Internet. He was not both. If he was either.

The counterextremism-industrial complex would seem to be as useless to its official purpose as the safeguarding-industrial complex was. In each case, anyone would think that the true purpose were something else entirely.

I know about false flags. It took them years, but they fitted me up by means of one of those, as all 57 of the supposed victims would tell you, including the ones who hated my guts for other reasons. Ask them.

It would not be beneath our lords and masters to murder an unwitting MP in order to increase their own powers and budget while whipping up hatred against a desired enemy, and while deflecting attention from their own allies. Reserve judgement on all of this until far, far more information is available.


  1. From being probably the youngest school governor in the country, definitely the youngest governor of two schools, to this. All because they didn't give you that council seat in 2003.

    1. They have only themselves to blame. In any case, I am grateful. The scales fell from my eyes.