Wednesday, 13 October 2021

The Protocols of the Elders of Brussels

To hold onto Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom will have to abide by the whole of EU law, while having no say in its content, content that makes levelling up impossible. Even reaccession, on whatever terms that the EU cared to set, would be better than that.

Schengen, the euro, the lot: either we are going back in on those terms, or there is going to have to be a de jure United Ireland, and not only the de facto one that is already as good as done. It may even end up being both. But Boris Johnson got to be Prime Minister. And that was all that ever mattered to him.

I was a Brexiteer when Johnson was writing two Telegraph columns, one for Leave and one for Remain, and calculating which would better serve his career. I was a Brexiteer long before that. Those of us who have never trusted him on this are going to be proved right, and soon. Only the ancestrally Bennite Left could ever have been trusted with Brexit. Only they, only we, have always, always believed in it, because only we have always known why we did.