Thursday, 14 October 2021

Science and Society

Three cheers for Robert Winston, who has just told the Question Time audience that you cannot change sex. Yes, it is important that we have the right to say this. But what is even more important is that what we are saying is right.

Do Peers have staffing allowances? Could three or four of them employ Kathleen Stock as a Professorial Fellow in their offices, with a remit to carry on doing what she has been doing?

The University and College Union should be expelled from the TUC. And if the University of Sussex knows that these anonymous terrorists really are its students, then it knows who they are. Think about that.


  1. If you were in the Lords, would you offer her this Fellowship?

    1. Of course. A lot more realistically, if this Government meant what it said, then it would offer Professor Stock a peerage.