Monday, 18 October 2021

From The Unprevented To The Unpreventable

Does anyone know of a case in which a priest's administration of the Last Rites has contaminated a crime scene, causing a prosecution to collapse? We would have heard about it if that had ever happened.

The mask is slipping from the Prevent programme, and from the counterextremism-industrial complex generally. It exists to identify the people who might then be used to commit such acts as might be used to justify increases in that complex's powers and budget, and with any luck to bring on another of its lucrative wars. 

No one who supports those wars is ever classified as an extremist, just as no one who wages them is ever classified as a terrorist, even though those are by far the most dangerous extremists and terrorists in our midst. They run no risk of falling foul of the "crackdown" on "hate speech" and "online abuse" about which we are talking even though they have had nothing to do with the murder of Sir David Amess.

That deflection is being pompously pursued by the figures who spent five years inciting the assassination of the then Leader of the Opposition. The Army used his photograph for target practice. It is a miracle that he is still alive. Dan Hodges remains a Facebook Friend of the former BBC manager Neil Masterson. Have a Google.

These are the people who have attempted to murder me. A member of the then Government Chief Whip's staff, and her preferred successor in her parliamentary seat, ordered his sister's then boyfriend, who is now her husband, to kill me. He tried to strangle me. He had his hands around my throat.

That right-wing Labour machine was both nationally and locally dominant in those days, so nothing was ever done, although the incident has always been common knowledge in these parts, and if the intention was to shut me up, then it has failed.

As has the same faction's more recent lawfare against me. I have been casually informed by all and sundry that those who had sent me there had put a hit on me in prison, but that the hitman had taken such a liking to me that he had given them their money back. I do not know that that is not true.

Unless you have been through all of that, and more, then you cannot, at least as a non-incumbent, have any hope of beating me at the next General Election. You cannot possibly be hard enough. There is still no Labour candidate for North West Durham, which Labour lost by only 1,144 votes last time. We all know why not.


  1. You've frightened them off, I think you really have.

    1. They'll find someone. No one in particular. At the very last moment. Oh, what fun.