Tuesday, 12 October 2021

An Injury To One

The University and College Union has hung Professor Kathleen Stock out to dry. This a terrible, terrible day. The TUC should reconsider the UCU's affiliation, but I am not aware that any trade union leader has called for this. Join Unite Community here, and get ready to vote for me for General Secretary in 2026.

Professor Stock's treatment is one of the worst cases of misogyny in Britain in recent memory, yet Stella Creasy's proposal to make misogyny a hate crime would have done nothing to prevent it. Dr Creasy is a doughty fighter against evils such as loan sharking, but her proposed definition of a woman would include the biologically male persons who have almost certainly hounded Professor Stock from her job with the connivance of her trade union.


  1. George drops hints about running for General Secretary.