Friday, 15 October 2021

A Gruesome Score Draw?

Chris Williamson pays tribute to his friend, the late Sir David Amess: "I must pay tribute to David Amess following his horrific murder today. We shared a passion for animal rights, fire safety and fuel poverty. When I was suspended from @UKLabour he sent me a private message of support, as he did when I lost my seat. RIP David."

If Sir David has indeed been killed by an Islamist, then that would be a gruesome score draw between that tendency and the Far Right when it came to the murder of sitting MPs. The threat, however, comes overwhelmingly from the Far Right.

In any case, we do not yet know what motivated Sir David's killer. We may be certain, though, that he was a user of cannabis. From white "lone wolves", to brown "Islamist terrorists", to black "gang members", they always, always are.