Friday, 6 July 2018

Walkout Watch?

No sign yet. Well, of course not. At best, you'll get Liam Fox, and who cares about him?

The penny seems to be about to drop that, while he makes good television and he is by all accounts a nice man, Jacob Rees-Mogg is not in the Cabinet. He never has been, and he never will be. In the quite deliberately rigged system for Conservative Party Leadership Elections, he would never, ever make it onto the ballot.

Moreover, there are 316 Conservative MPs, so Theresa May would easily survive a vote of confidence. In the country at large, Jeremy Corbyn won an even bigger landslide than his first one even after he had lost a vote of confidence among MPs. But the Conservatives would never allow matters to make it that far.

In either party, it is perfectly possible to beat the Right if you are sufficiently determined to do so, but it is impossible to beat the Left if it is sufficiently determined to win, as the Labour Left never quite has been until 2015, although it certainly is now. That is because, in either party, the Left is the real party. 

There is a reason why Blairites and Thatcherites are so very alike in so very many ways. The Labour Right consists of people who did not have the class, including the social conscience, to make it in the Conservative Party, and so had to join Labour. The Conservative Right consists of people with nowhere else to go, at least now that what was once New Labour is now Labour again. 

The real Conservative Party eventually got rid of Thatcher and marginalised those who wanted to "complete" her "revolution". The real Labour Party eventually got rid of Blair and those who wanted to "complete" his "revolution".

Those "revolutions" bear more than passing resemblance to each other, and their respective proponents might honourably present themselves to the electorate as the new party of that "completion". But if that day ever dawns, then it will not dawn at the gates of Chequers today.

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