Sunday, 15 July 2018


That is as good a name as any for the scandal, both that this country is currently in the grip of treason, and that no one appears to be saying so.

At this moment, the Head of a foreign State is on our soil, ostensibly to play golf, but in reality to conspire and collude with those who wish to remove Theresa May as Prime Minister and replace her with Boris Johnson. Donald Trump has stated this quite openly.

Yet, despite the fact that he is not on a State Visit, he has been allowed a photo opportunity with the Queen in order to confer legitimacy on his undisguised scheme to install his own colonial puppet, who was an American citizen for most of his life.

To install him, specifically, at the head of what would still nominally be Her Majesty's Government. Paleoconservatives, what has the monarchy ever done for you?

Childishly imagining that a mere commonality of language made for a "Special Relationship", we allow all of this to go on in plain sight. 20 years after the abolition of capital punishment, the theoretical existence of which precluded treason trials in practice, it is now very high time for one.

Despite the clear evidence, no one would take a formal complaint of this kind seriously if it came from a member of the general public. I need £10,000 in order to stand for Parliament with any chance of winning.

My crowdfunding page has been taken down without my knowledge or consent. But you can still email instead, and that address accepts PayPal.

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