Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Regained Consciousness

Not that some of us have ever lost consciousness.

So Charlie Rowley has woken up from the deadliest poison known to man, which can itself be counteracted by soap and water. Well, of course he has.

The British ruling class hallucinates that its institutions are respected and revered. But no one in the wider British population thinks it all remarkable that those institutions should murder randomly chosen members of that wider population in order to dent the popularity of a football tournament. 

They might teach at public schools that Britain is known for fair dealing. But not only is that the opposite of this country's international reputation, it is also the opposite of the lived experience of most people in Britain. 

To us, this is just how "they" behave. We take it in our stride. So that murder and this attempted murder are shrugged off as being of less interest than even Brexit. Never mind the rescue in Thailand. Or the weather. Or, above all, the football.

I for one remain well and truly in a critical condition. So should you. As I know that you will.

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