Thursday, 5 July 2018

Prepare For A Damp Squib

Vote Leave was a fake in the first place, headed by two chancers with no previous history of support for Brexit. It was designed to ensure that turbo-Thatcherism could claim the credit for a Leave victory even though any such thing could only ever have been delivered as a rejection of the economic policies of all three parties while in government during the previous 40 years.

And now, those two chancers, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, have been warned off any thought of making a bid for the Premiership. Any bother from them during or after the ludicrously over-hyped Chequers "summit", and they will be arrested and charged. The Prime Minister is not bluffing on this one, and they know it.

Only the two candidates who score highest among the MPs go out to the members, something that has not happened since 2005, anyway. Those two would be two Mayboys (Gavin Williamson and someone capable of getting fewer votes than Williamson), or Theresa May herself and an organised decoy. In either event, whoever came second would withdraw and allow a coronation. What do you think this is? The Labour Party?

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