Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Man Up

Signed by Len McCluskey and by several other major figures in the unions and on the Left, including close personal friends of Jeremy Corbyn's, this is a big deal. As was this, which was signed by a number of other such heavyweights, including Andrew Murray.

If a five foot nine, middle-class cripple may be so bold, might be the unions be in a position to provide men who will respect the women-only meetings by standing outside, but who will very visibly do so, as a clear message to "pick on someone your own size"?

The outrageous suggestion the penises be permitted in women's shower rooms, in Guide tents, and so forth, is understandably politicising women with, however, little or no political experience. The Alt-Right, the EDL, the Football Lads Alliance and the rest of them know how to inveigle. 

I may be a five foot nine, middle-class cripple, but I am also a trade unionist. And if we do not do this, brothers, then they will. What terrible times we live in. But we do.

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