Thursday, 5 July 2018

He's Our Guy

Labour Party members, please vote for Stephen Guy, the Durham Miners Association's candidate for the National Executive Committee and for the National Policy Forum.

A supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, he has nevertheless managed to make it onto the ballot without being on any slate or endorsed by any faction. He is on Twitter, and his hashtag is #Guy4Labour.

Takes me back. Although he most certainly has it, you no longer need the nomination of your own Constituency Labour Party in order to stand for the National Executive Committee.

That was what did for me, a long time ago. Everything else was in place. But, at the insistence of the then MP, I was spitefully refused the home nomination, back in the days when a CLP could only nominate one candidate.

Or, at any rate, she told it that it could only nominate one candidate. If that was the case, then it, too, no longer is. But I am not convinced that it ever really was.

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