Tuesday, 17 July 2018

BeLeave It When You See It

Vote Leave was a star vehicle for the never previously pro-Brexit figures of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. It may have been the "official" Leave campaign for that reason, but it had nothing to do with why the areas that swung the referendum voted Leave.

We voted to reject everything for which it, and UKIP, stood. We did so because we had already experienced the ravages of Thatcherism In One Country for 39 years and under all three parties, beginning with the Callaghan Government's turn to monetarism in 1977.

The dear old Crown Prosecution Service has already declined to prosecute the freely admitted electoral overspending by the Conservative Party in 2015, which really did make the difference between a hung Parliament and an overall majority. Therefore, do not hold out any hope of a prosecution in this case.

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