Saturday, 7 October 2017

Questions and Answers

They now read out very carefully selected tweets on Any Questions. They had so many saying that the repression in Catalonia was just like the Miners' Strike, that even Jonathan Dimbleby had to read out a couple of them. It was the breaking of the fingers one by one that really brought it home to me. I had had heard that story before.

As for those who bluster in their best Boris Johnson, or drawl in their best Jacob Rees-Mogg, that "the Police would have stood trial" if there had really been such violence, and far worse than that, against the miners, their families (of both sexes and all ages) and their supporters, all that I can say is bless you to the highest heavens, you poor, sweet, deluded, innocent children. But you should never be allowed anywhere near the running of anything. And very soon, you never will be again.


  1. Broken fingers?
    Yes, of course:

    1. Well, it certainly used to happen here. Perhaps she had been reading about the Miners' Strike?