Sunday, 29 October 2017

Way Beyond Groping

15 years ago, or thereabouts, what did Jared O'Mara do? Did he invade Afghanistan? Did he invade Iraq? Did he use his Times column to lead the cheering for those invasions, and to spew abuse at those who were right about them?

In the party of Theresa "Frida Kahlo" May and of Boris "The Road to Mandalay" Johnson, Michael Gove is what passes for an intellectual. But that is setting the bar extremely low. Still, May cannot afford to lose him. Just look at the rest of her Cabinet. She is not exactly spoiled for choice. So he is still there, making a nonsense of everything that she is letting it be known are her views.

No one, however, has ever accused Neil Kinnock of being an intellectual. This is the opportunity to avenge the miners by demanding the Labour Whip in the House of Lords be withdrawn from him.

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