Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Whip Hand

It is not strictly my business, but I am glad that the Labour Party has suspended the Whip from Jared O'Mara. Now, it needs to do the same in respect of Jess Phillips. And it needs to explain why it goes so far as to employ Neil Fleming, who came on here regularly for years and called me a "mulatto". On at least one occasion, he even called me "the Mulatto Hitler to Robert Mugabe's Black Hitler". He was a Labour Party member at the time, he still is, and he is now the Regional Director of Labour London.


  1. Mulatto is descriptive and not pejorative.

    1. Perhaps in Spanish, at a push. But that is certainly not true in English. In any case, he is not well-educated enough to know that. He thought that something that I had written about Colbert must have been about The Colbert Report, and that The Sound of Music obviously had no factual basis, since Austria, being a landlocked country, could never have had a Captain von Trapp.