Thursday, 19 October 2017

Balance The Overwhelming Power

The rights of EU nationals in the United Kingdom after Brexit. Votes at 16. It is certainly all going on at the moment. 

Instead of arbitrarily allowing Irish and Commonwealth citizens to vote, let there be no nationality requirement for voting, but a requirement that any parliamentary candidate be a British Citizen in Great Britain, or a British or Irish citizen in Northern Ireland. 

And while I am never going to be fully convinced about votes at 16 (with the increases both in the school leaving age and in the personal tax allowance, Saturday jobs would now have to pay £250 per shift for 16-year-olds to be paying income tax), I do see the need to balance the overwhelming power of the enormous post-War cohort of births.

Therefore, make politicians tour the Sixth Forms as dedicatedly as they toured the old people’s homes. But require that parliamentary candidates, other than those who were already submitting to the accountability of seeking re-election, be at least 25, or possibly 30.

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