Thursday, 12 October 2017

Arsenic In The Marshmallow

Thus did the Queen Mother once describe herself. As the Queen retires from the Cenotaph, I continue to support the monarchy for keeping sweet the people who need to be kept sweet. But, the people who need to be kept sweet, I have no idea why it has that effect on you.

Either the Queen or her equally revered father gave the Royal Assent that in turn gave effect to every piece of legislation that created or extended the Welfare State, to every nationalisation, to every winding up of the Empire, to every social liberalisation, to every EU Treaty, and to every one of Tony Blair's constitutional and ceremonial changes.

What has the monarchy ever done for you? Even the argument that it stops politicians from getting above themselves is very obviously not borne out by the facts. But, although there are also other arguments for it, the top and bottom of the matter is that it keeps you sweet. And you need to be kept sweet.

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