Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Thrown Under The Bus

As I wrote yesterday, "The uncanny Adolf Eichmann lookalike Simon Henig has form for actively hating Catholics, as those of us who remember his changes to school transport policy will recall. He no doubt hates the disabled, too."

Indeed, he does. And once again, buses are the key to understanding this. His cuts to bus services in this county have had a devastating effect on the employability, and on the quality of life, of many thousands of disabled people, including me. All in all, what a vile little man.

It is, of course, very New Labour to hate and persecute the disabled. Numerous of Jeremy Corbyn's famous votes against the Blair Government were against Blair's attacks on disabled people's incomes, amenities and other rights.

It was obscene that enough MPs could nominate Yvette Copper to get her onto the ballot for Leader in 2015. Just Google Rachel Reeves on the subject of us cripples in contrast to "normal people". And so on.

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