Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Where's The Equality?

Today's Daily Politics was downright bizarre. The guest of the day was the Leader of a party that had never elected anyone to anything, and which took fewer votes than the Monster Raving Loonies at the recent General Election. A quarter of the hour was given over to a discussion between her and a journalist about that party's future. But to have a future, you need to have a present.

Someone also came on from the Korean Friendship Association, to make the case for North Korea. Well, why not? He is wrong, of course. But if The Daily Politics never had one anyone who would qualify as a spokesman for the Saudi Friendship Association, then it would never interview anyone who mattered in the governing party, or anyone who had mattered in any British Government since the War.

In fact, all of the parties that out-polled the Women's Equality Party in June (the Yorkshire Party, the National Health Action Party, the Christian People's Alliance, the People Before Profit Alliance, the British National Party, and the Official Monster Raving Loony Party) ought now to demand an edition of The Daily Politics, as well as an appearance whenever one is granted to the WEP, while Wahhabists ought to demand platform afforded to the proponents of Juche, which, after all, has never inspired, funded or armed any attack on the soil of the United Kingdom.

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