Friday, 27 October 2017

Homage To Catalonia?

I cannot see anything to call between the Spanish Government's reaction and the Catalan separatists' motivation.

A party with Fascist roots going back to them, against rich people who do not like having to support poorer people. The separatists in parts of Northern Italy are much the same. Or in Scotland, come to that.

This whole business has shown up NATO and the EU again, though. To that limited extent, jolly good.

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  1. Never mind Rajoy (although maybe the Catalan seperatists deserve some sort of Franco resurrection)- could anyone come up with a more desperately unpleasant concept of a politician than that on which Carlos Puidgemont is based- a Franjo Tudjman type nationalist/seperatist demagogue and Jean-Claude Juncker type Euro-technocrat rolled into one?