Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Racial Disparities

For example, if you are mixed-race, then you can be charged with an offence that absolutely no one suggests ever took place at all, because a lot of people in the Crown Prosecution Service object to race-mixing in principle (as does Simon Henig), and because we "mulattoes", to use the preferred term of the Regional Director of London Labour, have to be punished if we dare to interfere in politics. Is he now applying that policy in London? Presumably so.

I could only be convicted by a corrupted jury, and since there is not going to be a corrupted jury, then it is absolutely impossible for me to be convicted. Therefore, this whole business is, as much as anything else, a scandalous waste of public money. In the meantime, jurors and magistrates everywhere, if there is still an ongoing action against me on Saturday, then just find everyone except the Hillsborough lot not guilty automatically, and let that be that, possibly forever.

My victory has always been moral even if not legal, although it will also be that soon enough, so a Victory Rally will be held at a time, date and venue to be confirmed. The posters and so forth will either list as a speaker Laura Pidcock MP, who is a noted anti-racist campaigner and who is in a mixed-race relationship, or they will state that she had refused to be one.

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