Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Back Off

The Today programme informed us that "US-backed Syrian forces" had captured Raqqa. From whom? It was the "US and UK-backed Syrian and other forces" that already held it. Otherwise known, at least to themselves, as the Islamic State.

It is not bleeding heart sentimentality to oppose the arms trade. At best, you never know where the stuff will end up, and thus how it might come to be used against you. In arming Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states, we do in fact know that it what is very highly likely to happen. Yet we carry on regardless. Where is the cool, strategic realism here? There is none. For that, you need Jeremy Corbyn.

And yes, I do hate that use of the names or initials of countries as adjectives. That is but one among the many reasons why I am unlikely ever to join the successors of Rod Liddle as Editors of the Today programme. It is no wonder that Afshin Rattansi is now at RT.

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