Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Not To Her Credit, But To His

How is anyone supposed to find work without a permanent address, and without even the money for the travel fare to a job interview? Could you have found work without those things? Could Theresa May, or David Gauke, or Liz Truss have done so? Universal Credit is entirely counterproductive. Much of me does not want to come round to the Universal Basic Income. But all of me is increasingly doing so.

At Prime Minister's Questions, Jeremy Corbyn referred to the fact that the previous Labour Government had lifted one million children out of poverty. Yes, he voted against that Government more than 500 times. But that is not very many, over the period in question. Most of the time, he voted with that Government, and when he did not, then it was they, and not he, who were usually "voting with the Tories". Although even the Conservative Party drew the line at several of the most extreme attacks on civil liberties, voting with Corbyn on those occasions.

There was no joining the Labour Party in seconds online in 1994 (and you didn't get a membership card until you had been in it for a year), so, while I did try to join the Labour Party of John Smith, the only person to have been Leader of the Labour Party while I was a member of it was Tony Blair. I left Blair's party in his later days, and I disagreed very strongly with a good many things that his Government did before that. But, like Corbyn, I am not, on the whole, ashamed of having been in the party that he led. We lifted one million children out of poverty.


  1. Left or thrown out?

    1. Bless you, Neil, you really do think that not having a Labour Party membership card is the same as not having lungs.