Saturday, 7 October 2017

Like Father, Like Son

I have only just noticed how much Simon Henig looks like Adolf Eichmann. But he does. It is uncanny. I guarantee that one is the other's secret son. Guarantee it. I always thought of Dr Henig in terms of Dr Goebbels and Dr von Ribbentrop. But Goebbels was a good communicator, and von Ribbentrop was a skillful negotiator. No, Eichmann it is. It is obvious, once you see it and once you say it.

It would appear that Henig has children. Other children are entitled to a learning environment safe from contact with such vermin. The idea of being seen with such eyes, or heard by such ears, is self-evidently horrific. Moreover, staff, and especially Teaching Assistants, are entitled to the clean, safe and healthy workplace that, by definition, cannot feature such an infestation.

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