Sunday, 8 October 2017

Come What May?

When Jeremy Corbyn was in difficulties, then we got nothing but his Conservative and Labour enemies, morning, noon and night. But now that Theresa May is in difficulties, we get nothing but her friends and supporters, morning, noon and night. With this level of sycophancy, with even one fifth of this level of sycophancy, Corbyn would have won the General Election.

Tomorrow evening, ITV is to begin broadcasting After The News, which is to be presented by the suddenly ubiquitous Emma Barnett. Both ITV and the BBC are therefore now employing Ms Barnett, who is frankly engaged in a campaign for the Leader of the Opposition to be assassinated. Let her deny that if she dare.

One would call for a boycott of the products, and for a picket of the companies, that advertised during After The News. But there will presumably be no advertising, since, like the salary of Laura Kuenssberg, the cost of the whole thing is presumably being met out of the private pocket of Philip May. If not, why not?

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