Thursday, 16 March 2017

This Is What A Bad Week Looks Like

For some people, anyway.
The thirtieth Conservative U-turn since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour Leader.
The abandonment of the Budget's flagship policy.
The Police and the CPS knocking on the door over the huge and flagrant electoral overspending by the Conservative Party, involving figures who are now at the very heart of government.

The formal emergence of two rival UKIPs.
The damp squib of the overhyped Geert Wilders.
The collapse of the pro-austerity Dutch Labour Party, which has been comprehensively outflanked from the left.
And the striking down in court of Donald Trump's second attempt at a Muslim Ban.
For some of us, this is what a very, very, very good week looks like.
Here's to many, many, many more.


  1. re:the Dutch Election, good to see the PvdA being wiped out, not so good that the voters who deserted them voted for GroenLinks rather than the Socialist Party

    1. They'll see in time, at least if it is presented to them properly, that Greenery does not meet their objectives. The new force on the Dutch Left has probably yet to be constituted.

  2. Can any party with the word "Green" in their name ever be trusted to perform the function that the mainstream left in Europe used to perform? When they get any power, green politicians track records have tended to involve stuff like bombing Belgrade, destroying the jobs of people who work in the energy industry and virtue signalling about whatever gender politics issue happens to be the currently fashionable one. Working for better wages, better working conditions, better quality jobs and more job security for working people are generally not among their priorities.