Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Good Riddance of Owen Jones

We should be so lucky, of course.

But he was only ever the BBC's licensed impersonator of a left-winger, anyway. 

Perhaps now it could let a real one on from time to time?

The only people to have murdered an MP since 1990 have been the Far Right.

To which numerous members of Thomas Mair's own generation who are now senior Conservatives or leading UKIP members (if there can still be said to be such a thing) were intimately connected back in the day.

Although a "strong supporter" of Israel did attempt to murder George Galloway while he was the MP for Bradford West.

These days, though, that constitutes part of the Far Right. Give that a moment to sink in.

But no part of the Far Right, including fanatical support for Israel, is ever treated as any kind of security risk.

Just as, to return to Owen Jones, you can never be too young to be taken entirely seriously as a right-wing commentator.

Not long ago, the Telegraph and the Spectator were simultaneously carrying someone who was still at school.

And just as there is no view so right-wing that it would preclude, say, a Times column, or a regular gig on The Moral Maze.

"White Western nationalism" was extolled repeatedly by Melanie Phillips this week, days after she had written that there were no such nations as the Scots and the Irish.

Try and imagine a public figure remotely as Far Left as that is Far Right.

You can't.

It couldn't happen.


  1. He always annoyed me for some reason. I would say because I identify as a right winger, but no, I'm not that thin skinned. I believe it was to do with his faux-anti-establishment act which annoys more than anything else in political debate.

  2. Melanie Phillips didn't extoll "white nationalism" you delusional liar.

    She said the "Jude-Christian" roots of "Western national identity." Where was the word "white"?

    Are you so hysterically politically correct that you're unable to read properly?

    You must be on the Left.

    1. She said "white" over and over again. It'll be on the iPlayer.

    2. It is, and she says "white Western nationalism" all right, over and over again.

    3. "All right"? Or "Alt Right"?

  3. Can I ask you a question. I'm not the same anon poster as above for a start. You always seem to notice the age of people, particularly the men, yet you barely ever mention Mhairi Black. Why not?

    1. What would you like me to say about her? Actually, she could well come into my next post.