Thursday, 30 March 2017

Not Beyond Our Ken

What is this thing, the Jewish Labour Movement, that is gunning for Ken Livingstone?

With all of two thousand members, in a party of half a million, it recruits its staff directly from the Israeli Embassy.

Imagine an organisation affiliated to the Labour Party, and which presumed to decide who could or could not be a member of that party, but which recruited its staff directly from the Russian Embassy, or the Syrian Embassy, or the Pakistani Embassy.

That's right. You can't.

If there must be these ethnic caucuses, then the Jewish supporters of Jeremy Corbyn ought to organise and affiliate their own. There are easily more than two thousand of them.

Oh, and someone ought to make a television programme about Hitler's attempt to transport the Jews to Palestine, and his deal with the Zionist leadership to make it happen. It is a fascinating little tale.

Over, perhaps, to Ken Livingstone?

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