Tuesday, 28 March 2017


And so, Donald Trump's infrastructure programme begins to meet with Democratic approval.

The Republican Party, to which he has barely any connection and of which he has no need, is simply irrelevant these days.

In that, it is like UKIP (or however many UKIPs there now are), and it is like the right wings of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties in this country.

Or, at any rate, the Blairite Right of the Labour Party.

The more traditional kind, which held neither of the top positions for 20 years after the death of John Smith, does not hold the Deputy Leadership.

In similar fashion, the non-traditional Left of the Conservative Party, rather than the practically archaeological one that now provides three of the four holders of what used to be called the Great Offices of State, is about to assume the Editorship of the Evening Standard, with further such appointments doubtless to follow soon.

After all, it did win a General Election outright a mere two years ago.

The media, and especially the print media, have been the Right's perennial powerbase. It has been impossible to imagine a commentator remotely as Far Left as many were routinely Far Right.

If the Right is losing even the papers, then it really is over.

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