Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Absolute Insistence

I've written some lines in my time.

But I have impressed even myself with, "The maintenance of sanity necessitates the absolute insistence that Peter Mandelson does not possess genitalia." 

And that was just a tweet.

The Life of Brian is so rarely shown, and so impossible to imagine being made today, that it belongs in the same category as Performance.

But in the scene that so tickles Jeremy Corbyn's uncultured despisers with its "Judean People's Front", we also see Stan's demand to be known as Loretta.

In similar vein, and indeed vain, we see Owen Jones's demand to be known as Melanie Phillips.

Or is it Jess Phillips?

Why does Comment is Free feature two new articles by her?

"Hasn't £13k a day George Osborne already got a job as an MP?", asks one of them. Well, haven't you, too?

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