Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Root and Branch

Put together the Brexit demands of Open Britain and those of  Keir Starmer, and you have the deal that Theresa May intends to put to the electorate in a referendum in 2019.

The other option will be that of simply remaining in the EU as if nothing had happened.

Who says that you can't do that after Article 50? Definitely not Article 50's (British) author.

May was given the job unopposed precisely because she was a Remainer, and she is surrounded by them.

Consider that, while the Shadow Chancellor and the Shadow Lord Chancellor probably voted Leave, and certainly gave no support whatever to the Remain campaign, the Chancellor is a firm Remainer, while the Lord Chancellor is a fanatical one.

There were proportionally more pro-Leave MPs among the supporters of Jeremy Corbyn's Leadership bid than there were among the supporters of Theresa May's.

No one in May's office or entourage, and almost no one in her party, has anything remotely approaching the root and branch hostility to the EU that characterises Seumas Milne, or Andrew Fisher, or Max Shanly, or Tariq Ali, or Andrew Murray, or Lindsey German, or John Rees, or Chris Nineham, to name but a few.

Just as only they, who have vigorously opposed the last three Presidents of the United States and who would have done the same to Hillary Clinton, can credibly lead the opposition to Donald Trump, so only they can credibly argue for a coherent vision of a Britain wholly outside the EU.

Seumas Milne and Andrew Fisher, Max Shanly and Tariq Ali, Andrew Murray and Lindsey German, John Rees and Chris Nineham, Liam Young and Alex Nunns, Dennis Skinner and Ronnie Campbell, Kelvin Hopkins and George Galloway, John McDonnell and Richard Burgon.

And, of course, Jeremy Corbyn.

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