Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Far From The Finished Article

The British Ambassador turned up to hand in the Article 50 letter at lunchtime? In a French-speaking city? You see, this is why we are leaving, and this is why they are glad to see the back of us.

Oh, well, the Great Repeal Bill turns out to mean the exact opposite of that which its name would suggest, being instead the incorporation of the entire acquis communautaire directly into the law of this land.

That can only work by including all future additions and alterations, in which no British institution will have any say whatever. Yet every such addition and alteration will automatically become the law here.

And the promise of an absolute veto on the "final" deal for each House of Parliament was repeated again to one of them by the Prime Minister this afternoon.

This side of a Corbynite Labour landslide, there is no conceivable majority in the Commons for withdrawal from the Single Market.

In the Lords, there never, ever will be, nor even for withdrawal from the EU itself. As Tony Benn tried to tell you, 45 years ago. In accordance with which, you had the opportunity to vote, 34 years ago.

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